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„Digital transformation is not about technology, it`s about disruptive and integrated management…”

Brands live more than ever by their brand aura.

The framework for brand management has changed through the digital, technological and media revolution in recent years dramatically.

Emotional Branding, Digital Transformation, Content Marketing, CRM, Big Data, …

Emotional branding has evolved into an agile and integrated content and multi-channel process, which creates completely new challenges for decision makers, but also enables disruptive opportunities for communication and dialogue.

Nevertheless know-how, organizational structures as well marketing and communications processes in companies and their agencies in many cases still are disciplinary and channel-oriented.

Due to the fragmentation of sales, marketing, CRM and communication in many disciplines, it is more and more important for executives to decide from a holistic brand management point of view.

Groundbreaking, holistic and transformational brand and marketing strategies become a success-critical character.

The new challenge

Based on the latest findings in neuromarketing, utilizing the complex interaction and specific laws of emotional communication is essential to the success of modern brand engagement. Successful companies and brands must adapt to this in an contextual, instrumental and procedural approach.

For this, it needs a new and holistic consulting and strategic approach; across all instruments, channels and themes.

With the main objective to create customized marketing and communication solutions far from standard offers and prefabricated templates.

This is what AURATIS COUNSULTING does.