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The Auratis Consulting approach aims to strengthen the emotional essence of brands.

It is based among other tools on the AURATIS BRAND STRATEGY MODEL, which integrates the major pillars of emotional branding. Based on objectives, target groups, positioning and storytelling.


The aura of a brand depends heavily on the context in which it is perceived.

Therefore brand management has to strategically incorporate target group-affine contexts as well as lifestyles (e.g. Sports, Music, Film, Fashion, Art, Entertainment and Gaming). Through the interaction of brand, product, emotional contexts and media AURATIS CONSULTING develops innovative content and communication strategies for affinity target groups. Uncovering the elements behind a transformational consumer experience in the real, digital and media world.


Throughout the course of history, the sharing of knowledge and stories has played an integral role in our survival.

Modern brain research demonstrates that our subconscious perceives relevant information in the form of stories. These stories significantly impact our (consumer) behavior and our daily decisions.

“Storytelling” when used appropriately, is and will continue to be one of the most important forms of communication.

At AURATIS CONSULTING we aim to find, create and distribute relevant and interesting stories around brands, products and companies to connect them to affinity target audiences through excitement and emotion.

Through emotional  storytelling, contextual relevance and specific communication channels we determine our strategic processes. The result is a holistic experience of brands in all facets.

As times change and progress endures, the force that remains is contextual relevance.